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During this 14 Day JUMPSTART, you'll meet with our team to set goals and build the plan that you'll follow to finally achieve your goals.






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When you sign up for our 14 Day Jumpstart you'll get:
14 Days of Training, Nutrition and More!
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here is what you'll get with our 14 day jumpstart


Start with a strategy session

We'll get you started with a goal setting appointment where you'll discuss your goals with one of our coaches. Many gyms charge for this appointment alone but it's included in the Size Healthy Fitness 14-Day Jumpstart!



Your coach will guide you through a short workout, nothing stressful, we just want to see strengths or limiting factors in your movement that may impact your training, your goals, or the exercises you perform.

We will also discuss any pertinent medical or injury history.

This process helps prevent injury.


a fitness program designed just for you

Your coach will set you up with a 14 Day Training Program that's designed for your specific goals, whether that's Fat Loss or to Gain Lean Muscle!


14 days of nutrition programming

Your Nutrition Coach will provide you with 14 Days of Nutrition Programming designed to fit YOUR specific goals. Whether your goal is to burn fat or gain muscle, or nutrition coaching will deliver the results!


experience 4 personal training sessions

Meet with your Fitness Coach 4 times during the 14 Day JUMPSTART and experience the benefits of personal support, coaching, feedback and advice. Your Coach will help you learn new exercises, guarantee proper form and technique, and ensure you see results.


attend unlimited group fitness classes

For 14 days you can attend as many group classes as you would like. This is on top of your personal training. With unlimited access, you should find it easy to find a time that fits your schedule.

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With our 14 Day Jumpstart Program, we make it easy for you to get started! In just 14 Days you will have hands on experience of both our Training and Nutrition Coaching, and you'll be well on your way to a new you! The Diva that you know you can be!

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