• EFFECTIVE TRAINING - we maximize your time by providing individualized instruction and fitness plans tailored uniquely to you.

  • Complete fitness and nutrition plans - exercising is only half the battle, we provide meal plans and nutrition counseling to ensure you are achieving your goals.

  • Safety - we show you how to exercise safely, and instruct you on proper form and safe use of equipment.

  • Personal attention - we are with you every step of the way as you train in a non-judgemental environment in our private studio.

  • Motivation - we motivate you and provide ongoing support, both in and out of the studio, and act as your accountability partner to help you achieve your goals. 

personal training


Benefits of Size Healthy Personal Training

Having a personal trainer can greatly improve the ability to achieve your fitness goals. Whether you are just looking to lose a few pounds, get ready for swimsuit season, or totally transform your life, Size Healthy personal training will take you to the next level.


We know that everyone is unique, and we take the time to get to know you so that your training sessions are tailored to your own unique goals, abilities, and limitations. When you train with Size Healthy you are more than just a client, you are welcomed into a family and community designed to support you in achieving your goals! 


What you can expect from Size Healthy Personal Training


Results Simply put, we strive to help you achieve results and deliver high quality training, and deliver excellent results. View Size Healthy customer personal training testamonials to see what members of the family have to say about us.


Support When you become a member of the Size Healthy family, you get support for life! We truly care about your health, and want you to succeed in achieving your goals and living a healthy lifestyle. We are always available to provide support via phone, text, or social media.


Education Size Healthy believes in teaching women how to live a healthy lifestyle. Our main priority is to educate you on the aspects of living a healthy lifestyle whether it be the benefits of exercise, proper form or technique, eating healthy, or freeing yourself from your unhealthy habits and mindset. We believe education will be the key to your success, and believe it or not, our goal is to NOT have you as a paying client for the rest of your life. Our aim is to arm you with the tools necessary to make significant lifestyle changes so that you can continue your healthy transformation. Click here to learn more about how our personal training works.