Pssst...Hey there Diva.

Yea you, the one who...

  • Doesn't like what you see in the mirror anymore

  • Doesn't feel like your husband or significant other looks at you like he used to

  • Wants to cry every time your husband or significant other says they still love you no matter how "big" you are (although it is most likely true)

  • Doesn't enjoy sex like you should anymore because you're too insecure

  • Desperately wants to play and run around with your kids, but get out of breath just walking up a flight of stairs

  • Worries about being around to see your grandchildren grow up

  • Has a closet full of clothes that you wish you could fit into again

  • Is embarrassed to go to the gym because you don't know what to do and feel like everyone is looking at you

  • Avoids flying in planes, not because you're afraid of flying, but because you're embarrassed you have to ask for a seatbelt extender

  • Cries when you're alone because the feeling of hopelessness to lose weight is compounded by the other stresses in your life

...and the list goes on.

I know who you are.

I know because I WAS You!

I used to weigh over 400 lbs. I used to be all of the above, and I know every pain and feeling of hopelessness that you feel.

But Diva, what if I told you that...

YES! You CAN Lose Weight AND Keep It Off Forever!!
It's Time to Put an End to the Weight Loss/Gain Roller Coaster and Have the Life You Want!

I know there are a lot of weight loss programs out there and they all promise results. Many of them actually deliver on that promise, BUT it's rare that their clients MAINTAIN the weight loss.  

You see, there's a big difference between losing weight and weighing less...


I mean, which would YOU rather?


  • Lose weight

  • Weigh less  


Think about that for a few seconds…  

At first it might seem like they’re the same thing, but, in reality, they’re very different.  

Lots of people lose weight, gain it back, lose weight, gain it back, and so on. Ultimately, they always end up weighing the same...sometimes MORE.  

Maybe you've been on that ride before. I can tell you that at one point in my life I was.


Weighing less requires being able to MAINTAIN weight loss.


You see, there are all kinds of gimmicks and tricks you can do to lose weight…but then it never lasts, right?  

However, to weigh less, you need to adopt and embrace the tried and true healthy habits necessary to stay at that weight.


Make sense?


Of course, it's easier said than done...until NOW!

Lasting Weight Loss Made Simple

A project is defined as an individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim…  

The YOU 2.0 Project is a comprehensive 8-week course that covers each of the key aspects to developing and maintaining your own transformation lifestyle so you can achieve AND maintain your weight loss and fitness goals...and ultimately become the BEST version of YOU!


Over the course of the eight weeks you’ll develop the habits, skills, and mindset you need to succeed...for the rest of your life. 

  • We’ll cover diet, rest, exercise, stress, supplementation, as well as navigating everyday life. 

  • You’ll learn how to overcome obstacles (real & perceived), deal with negativity (internal & external), and manage expectations (helpful & harmful).  

  • Travel solutions (simple and fast hotel workouts, eating out guide, and tips for success) will be provided. Never let planned vacations or business travel be a reason not to participate! Travel is a part of life and we need to learn work with it...

  • And, perhaps most importantly, you’ll make friends with awesome people and build a rock-solid support system!  


In the end, you’ll come away with the know-how and confidence that you can stick with and enjoy your very own Transformation Lifestyle. Oh, and you'll lose a bunch of that unwanted weight, too! ;-)

Limited to Only 20 Participants


One very important factor that we must point out is that we’re limiting The YOU 2.0 Project to just 20 new participants for two reasons:


  • Individualized attention is critical...not just in the workouts, but throughout all aspects of the program including one-on-one Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching sessions.  

  • It is Free for Current Members of Size Healthy Fitness and we don't want the results of our current paying members to suffer. 

So, there are only 2 ways secure your spot in this life altering project...either become a member of our gym, or be one of the 20 non-members to get in on a first come-first serve basis!


Coaching - in and out of workouts - is a critical part of The YOU 2.0 Project. If you workout with us 3 times a week there’s still another 165 hours to get through on your own. That’s where more coaching comes into play…  

First and foremost, you'll have the opportunity to meet 1:1 with our in-house Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, Levi, to really dial in your personalized plan.


Then, on a daily basis, you'll receive the coaching and accountability you need to learn the YOU 2.0 Lifestyle Habits...and make them stick!


The purpose of this project is to help you develop a healthy, transformative lifestyle. The coaching component is crucial...and it's what makes this program unlike any other you will find in Jacksonville, NC.


Because of that, we must limit the number of participants we work with. It’s a matter of supply and demand. As soon as the 20 slots are full, this website will be taken down!

You Can Achieve The YOU 2.0 Lifestyle and Keep Your Results Forever 

Key Dates and What's Included

The YOU 2.0  Project begins on Monday, February 3rd and ends on Saturday, March 28th, just in time for the great Springtime weather... You'll be feeling and looking GREAT!

Group Fitness Classes

You're going to have access to our entire Group Fitness schedule. Our group fitness classes are always a hit with our members and non-members in our community. We have our own classes we designed to maximize fat loss through metabolic conditioning and strength training, and we also have a full range of other fun classes such as:

  • Zumba

  • Pound Fit

  • Dance2Fit

  • Yoga

  • Strong by Zumba

These are just a few examples, we vary our classes to keep things fresh and fun!

Group Personal Training


Group Personal Training is pretty much what it sounds like - personal training in a small group setting, meaning we really specialize in meeting your individual needs by coaching you through your very own customized program in a fun and motivating semi-private small group setting ... so you get the best of both worlds. 

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Coaching - in and out of workouts - is a critical part of The YOU 2.0 Project. If you workout with us 3 times a week there’s still another 165 hours to get through on your own. That’s where more coaching comes into play…  

First, you'll have the opportunity to meet 1:1 with Coach Levi, our Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, to really dial in your personalized plan.


Then, on a daily basis, you'll receive the coaching and accountability you need through our customized app to learn the YOU 2.0 Lifestyle Habits...and make them stick! You read that right, we will be keeping you accountable EVERY day, not just when you're in the studio working out.


The purpose of this project is to help you develop The YOU 2.0 Lifestyle. The coaching component is crucial...and what makes this program unlike any other you will find in the area. 


Plus, you're going to have access to two amazing seminars:


  • Nutrition Success Seminar: During this seminar Coach Levi is going to breakdown the entire meal plan. He'll walk you step by step through the program manual (you'll receive a copy as well).

  • The YOU 2.0 Mindset Seminar: During this seminar we're going to unlock the power of your mind to achieve your transformation goals and help you understand how to continue living The YOU 2.0 Lifestyle. This will be a game changer for you!


To be succesful in any weight loss program, you need to surround yourself with Divas who have done and/or are doing what you're trying to do. You need women that "get it" and will support and encourage you along the way...  

One of our core values at Size Healthy Fitness is to Create Strong and Meaningful Relationships.


Our clients’ success goes beyond the programs and services we offer. The relationships we create and our Divas’ strong desire to do business with US is how we can truly make a difference in their lives.


We're so excited to welcome you to our "community of friends in fitness."

Size Healthy Divas

This Sounds Fantastic Nataisha! How Much Does All This Cost? 


Well, first of all Diva, it’s not really all about the cost...


I learned this with my own Coaching. Yes, Coach Levi and I pay for coaching. We actually pay thousands of dollars per year for coaching so that we can meet OUR goals. (Even coaches need coaches!)


You’re either going to pay now for a fitness program or you’re going to pay later for medical bills, medications, lost wages, etc.


Not to mention, how do you put a price on self-confidence, energy, vitality, and better quality of life?  Remember the list at the top of the page? What kind of price would you put if all those went away? I know to me, getting my life back and fixing things on that list has been priceless!

The YOU 2.0 Project is an INVESTMENT and should be treated as such…


Perhaps you invest in some type of retirement fund so you have money down the road for your “golden years.” Maybe you even have a savings account for a “rainy day.”  

In my opinion, both are good investments. We contribute to both each month, too.  

However, we strongly believe there’s no better investment in your future than making one in your health…  

After all, if your health falls apart, that rainy day fund is going to get drained a lot sooner and your golden years aren’t going to be so...golden!


At the same time, I understand that everyone’s financial situation is different. And, if you’ve failed with other fitness programs in the past you may be hesitant to invest again…  

I get that - other programs didn’t work for me in the past - which is why your investment in The YOU 2.0 Project is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee. 

Now that the risk has been removed, you can feel quite confident about being one of the 20 Project Participants.


And, no you’re not dishing out $1200, although the ROI on that would still be incredible.


It’s not even going to cost $600, which is a bargain...and will likely be the price in the future.


I mean, think about it…  

  • 8 weeks of access to Group Personal Training ($400 Value)

  • 8 weeks of unlimited access to Yoga classes ($200 Value)

  • 8 weeks of Coaching & Accountability ($369 Value)

  • Private Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Session ($99 Value)

  • The Transformation Project Success Manual ($29 Value)

  • Nutrition Success Seminar ($49 Value)

  • Mindset Success Seminar ($99 Value)

  • The Size Healthy Fitness Community (Priceless)  


...essentially, 8 weeks of everything you need (valued at over $1200) to develop The Transformation Lifestyle that will benefit you the rest of your life!


There’s no question that the results you're going to achieve are worth $600, $1200, or if I can be honest, even more...

But, in truth, as a business owner, I'm more about the long game.


I want to give you something so good, something so valuable, and, most importantly, so effective that you can’t wait to continue on as a regular client of Size Healthy Fitness for many more years to come…


So, with that in mind, I decided to make this a steal for you by letting you participate in The YOU 2.0 Project for ONLY $499 (or two installments of $249.50). 

ONLY $499. For less than you'd spend on a weekend getaway, you can build a better body and enjoy your highest-ever levels of energy and vitality for the rest of 2020 and beyond.


Now, given the low price, I do expect those 20 spots to be filled up pretty fast... 

Registration closes Sunday, February 2nd at Noon


Limited Time Offer 


Alright Diva, one other thing to consider if you’re still on the fence…


Due to the amount of work and attention The YOU 2.0 Project requires, I am only offering it one other time in 2020:


  • February

  • September  


If you’re reading this now, DO NOT WAIT until September. You found yourself here for a reason Diva… Your time is NOW!

I can't wait to help you create YOU 2.0!

Dedicated to your success,

Nataisha Ramirez

Owner of Size Healthy Fitness

P.S. - If for any reason you still have questions, I'm more than happy to answer them and discuss the YOU 2.0 Project with you. Give me a call at 910-333-6216 or email your questions to info@sizehealthylifestyle.com. However, please understand that once all 20 spots are filled that's it...