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Healthy, Fit and Sexy




There are no quick fixes in weight loss, only lifestyle changes with choices and no restrictions. Size Healthy is a program designed for every individual to be able to do it themselves at their pace, with no competition but the person in the mirror.


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"In Healthy Fit and Sexy, Ramirez uses a daily journal format as a interactive tool for any one who wants to change their habits and life. Additionally, the book relies on spiritual support (and spiritual lessons) with biblical references to help the reader understand that they are not alone and with faith they can stay motivated and achieve goals. I am not sure that the title accurately represents the book unless that title happens to reflect the goal of the subscriber. I like the spiritual explanations with references and the interactive journal to help the reader understand their own thoughts (good technique). This book is not over-complicated to the point of uselessness as are some heavy books. Aspirants who want to improve health and use this book may decide to seek additional resources. That is a good thing. Ramirez' mission seems to be to have faith, rely on a higher power of God and stay on track with a simple plan. And by the way, that is the way to change habits from bad to good."

~James Brolin 


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