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Don’t Eat the Sweet Potato Pie (And More Ridiculous Nutrition Advice)

Why the Size Healthy Family eats real stuff during the Holidays

In case you aren’t privy to the inner workings of the Ramirez household, for most of the year I do somewhere in the neighborhood of 80% of the cooking in our house. I like to cook. I like to cook healthy, tasty food. My wife is the one who spends most of the time in our fitness studio during the evenings, so it only makes sense that I do most of the cooking during the week. But the holidays are different…we sometimes cook together during the holidays, but to be honest, she does the majority of the Holiday cooking, and it is delish!

Just don’t ask us for our best healthy sweet potato pie recipe…because guess what?

We aren’t making low-fat, gluten-free, vegan friendly, high protein sweet potato pie with kale and stevia. We’re making the real deal, with sugar, butter, and flour. We always have, and always will.

Here’s why:

“Don’t eat cookies, or pie, or cake. Drink a smoothie instead.” LOL, yea…because it tastes the same, right?

“Don’t wear loose fitting clothes. Wear tight clothes so you can tell when you’ve eaten too much.” Um, What?

But, wait…aren’t you Mister Size Healthy?!

I know. This coming from the guy who loves biology and chemistry, loves nutrition, and loves teaching nutrition to others. People are always surprised to hear what we eat in our house during the holidays…”you made cookies…for Christmas?!”

Or when they tell me things like – “I really feel like having some ice cream today” and I say “um, ok…so eat some”.

Isn’t Size Healthy all about eating foods that are “good” and avoiding foods that are “bad”?

The answer is a resounding NO (We don’t even like to label foods as good or bad). To us, there is no “good” or “bad” food.

Food can be different things to different people. Here are a few examples of what food can mean to people. You may have heard them say this is how they view or use food, or you might have observed it through their actions:

• Fuel for your body • A reward for (insert action) • Escape from (insert reason) • Punishment for (insert action) • A way to socialize with others • Shameful • Freedom • Joy

To us at Size Healthy, food is information. Food is a story. It tells you (and others) about your daily life, your health and your function. When we think of food as information there is no “good” or “bad” food. Food becomes choices. These choices are what matter.

Whether we realize it or not, when we choose to eat one food over another, we are choosing what is really important to us at that particular moment, at that particular time.

When we make a choice we:

• Calculate the pros and cons • Tell ourselves what’s important to us • Accept the consequences of our choices

With Thanksgiving here, and other Holidays right around the corner, think about:

What matters to you right now? Is it?

• Nourishing your body in a healthy way? • Connecting with family and friends? • Taking part in family traditions? • Feeling good? • Feeling accepted?

It’s not for Size Healthy to say, nor would we want to. They are your priorities, your goals, your families, and your Holidays.

We’re not here to judge. We are simply here for you.

Sometimes things should be a priority over trying to be “perfect” nutritionally. Things like:

• Having a beer with family while watching the game if that’s your thing. • That taste of Mama’s sweet potato pie that you haven’t had since last year. • That beautiful smell of the food lingering under your nose as your family prays over it. • Just enjoying life with your family with no guilt, and no pressure, just joy.

Like I said, we’re not here to judge. We don’t exist to make you feel guilty, ashamed, or deprived of the things you love and the Holiday traditions you and your family have. We’re here to help answer your own unique questions. We’re here to help you make your choices with more awareness and intent.

Keeping it real during the holidays.

Holiday food tastes great when it’s made with love. It tastes even better when you are fortunate enough to share it with family and friends. These are facts.

So, go ahead…

Enjoy some “real” foods this Holiday season. Have sweet potato pie. Have cookies, or whatever else you love but in the back of your mind think is off limits. But…do it consciously, and with intent. Be mindful and joyful, and eat it slowly! Take the time to actually enjoy it, and then move on. With the right approach:

You can enjoy food, connect with friends and family, and be healthy and fit!

I can’t remember having any holiday memories that involved drinking a smoothie or starving myself, so I’m going to…

enjoy turkey, gravy, dressing, and ham. I will savor it, eat it slowly, and make sure my portions are sensible. I’m not too big on most desserts, but I will be having a slice of sweet potato pie (while being mindful and eating it slowly of course :)

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