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Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Sweet Peppers

It's Super Bowl Sunday!

I love football...all sports actually. Now the 2018 season is coming to an end, and we'll have to wait another 8 months for the next season to start.

The Super Bowl means parties, hanging out with friends and family and enjoying a great sporting event and usually pretty cool commercials.

I'm not sure this year will give us a good game...I had high hopes for my #steelernation this year, but once again the Pats managed to sneak into the game again SMH.

But all is not lost. I can still enjoy some great food and time watching football.

Here's a great little recipe that I love. Everything is better when it's wrapped the loving warmth of crispy bacon, and these smoked salmon wrapped sweet peppers are no different.

So enjoy the peppers, the game, the drinks and the friends and family, and I will see you next February when the Steelers win it all!

Bacon wrapped smoked salmon sweet peppers

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