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Fitness Will Change You, But How?

In the past I never thought of myself as an athlete. My sport of choice in high school was track and field, where I competed in the shot put and discus events. As I got older, my weight became a problem for me, so exercising was more so to lose weight than anything else.

It wasn’t until I started to lose weight that I realized I was changing; physically! As I began to like what I see, I started trying different things and the most challenging exercises were the ones that I continued to do until they were no longer hard.

I’ve always been a motivator of others, a sideline cheerleader, the pusher, but I noticed that I didn’t have many people in my corner doing the same for me. Have you ever needed someone to say “girl you got this” or “girl get out of your head?’ I quickly realized that this journey was more mental than physical.

I never knew there was an actual athlete inside of me until about three years ago. Fitness has changed not only my body but my mind as well. My journey drove me to become a personal trainer and later to open up my own gym in Jacksonville, NC.

I have learned that confidence comes from within. I have learned that you have to find your own lane and make it uniquely yours so that you will stand out and not blend in.

I learned discipline early on in my journey but as I began to find things that interested me, discipline had to be perfected according to my standards. Fitness taught me very early that I am not a team sport type of Diva. I am an individual sport athlete. Running was great for me because I found that if I was going to be in my head, I was more comfortable with it only affecting my own results, and not an entire team. I was able to quickly get over myself rather than being responsible for the attitude of others. Its ok if you feel the same way because we all must find what works for us.

In the beginning, the goal was to lose weight but now it’s to be strong and sexy with or without clothes on. Have you ever heard the saying, “ I just wanna look good naked?” I use to say that as well but I have learned that being healthy is a more important goal. I have learned that I didn’t want to feel like I had to be on a diet for the rest of my life to make this thought a reality. As I began to rediscover myself, I became more interested in making my journey a lifestyle instead. I avoided certain foods because I believed them to be triggers. I thought I would lose control and lose focus of the goal.

These thoughts were real and many women struggle with what they want and what society says we should or should not look like. I gave up that outlook. I stopped worrying about what the BMI chart says. I stopped worrying about what magazines say I should look like. I stopped looking at women and trying to get what they had and focused on what I wanted and needed.

Fitness has changed my life and helped me be a totally better person. Fitness has given me the outlet that I need to feel confident in myself.

Change is not always bad, it is usually needed. Don’t allow what others say keep you from reaching your goal. Trust the process because nothing comes easy. Everything you want you are capable of accomplishing. Just remember that YOU control the outcome.

If you'd like to get started seeing what changes fitness can bring for you, I invite you to fill out the form below and schedule a free strategy session with me. We specialize in helping women find their own journey in life through fitness, personal training, lifestyle and mental coaching, and nutrition coaching. We are a private gym located in Jacksonville, NC and provide personal training to women around the world through our virtual training options.

When you fill out the form I will contact you to get you set up with your free session!


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