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Yes You Can!

I loved the adrenaline rush I got as I ran and conquered each mud pit during the mud run! "It's a lifestyle" kept resonating in my mind. You start out on a road then as you go through life you hit road blocks and pits but you don't quit. I paced myself in the beginning but I kept asking myself why am I going so slow. I ran with a variety of runners and I reminded myself I'm not competing with anyone. The last time I did a mud run I was with my #fitnesssistahs which, when you first start out on a journey you have supporters all around you. You have those that are willing to walk with you and talk you through it but as you get further in your journey one by one they fall off. I'm not saying that's a bad thing but at some point in your journey you have to learn to carry yourself and run your own race. So, I'm running and I approach the first mud pit but it wasn't too deep I just had to be careful and strategize my way through it. Isnt that like life? As you start to learn how to walk you have to figure it out by taking baby steps. I started running again and I was starting to get comfortable and felt at ease but still guarded because I didn't know what was ahead.

I found myself questioning if I could do it or not. Just as I was about to approach the next obstacle, a lady ran by me with my favorite scripture on the back of her shirt...Philippians 4:13. God heard me and although I didn't know what to expect he let me know he got me. At some point, I was running on the dirt road alone but my confidence level never failed. Every now and then a runner ran by but I kept going. There were several obstacles but nothing as hard as the last mud pit. It was a stream of mud and some were swimming in it. I was ready for this to be over so I found a good path and started making my way but I slipped and my leg got caught in between two branches in the mud. It felt like I was sinking but I grabbed on to the rope to help pull myself out. I am now back on my feet and trying to make my way out. I look up and what do I see, a hill that requires me to use my hands to crawl. I saw a tree and I thought if I could only grab that tree I could make it. Well... It was a tad bit difficult to grab but this guy reached his hand out to me so that he could assist me by pulling me over. Oh what sweet relief! Isn't that how God does it? He is always right on time. He seems to always pull us up when we feel like we can't go on.

I was relieved and strategized my way up the rest of the hill. I began to start running again and I came to a man at the corner whom I would consider the gate keeper. He said you are about 5 minutes away from the finish line. I smiled and started running again. I ran a little and walked a little. It felt like I had a mud suit on but I didn't let that stop me. I pushed and stayed focus until I reached the finish line.

I have endured some road blocks and setbacks in my life but I refuse to give up. The bible states the race is for those who endure to the end and although I have been tested and tried, giving up is not an option for me. Keep running because it ain't over until God says it's over!

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