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Never Quit!

As a personal trainer and fitness instructor I strive to be on top of my fitness. Meaning I put my BEST foot forward but sometimes that doesn't happen. I'm always trying to improve me because me is all I have, but frustration sets in at times. Why can't every run, every workout session be the greatest. I thought my mind was right this morning. I got up with no worries and did my normal regimen but it wasn't the best. My ankles were throbbing and that never happened before. I Was wearing a different running shoe, but surely that wasn't it. I've been running for four years and this has never happened. Oh so here is where the frustration sits in because now my mind is not focused on my run but my ailment. I stopped to try and shake it off but that did not work. My goal was to run four miles but I didn't make it to three.

As you can see I am pretty hard on myself but when you know what to do and a fork is thrown in your road it leaves you speechless. I began to google what the problem was and I figured out that my peroneal tendon was aggravated. When you know what was once normal is now not normal anymore it is your responsibility to figure out the why. The why is very important so that you can learn from it and figure out what to do differently if need be next time. I now understand that I must do the correct stretches for the aggravated area in order to have a successful run. I love to run because it was something I thought I could never do. It hindered me in high school because of my weight. It tried to defeat me when I decided to try it again in Hawaii. Running is an individual sport but it requires the most energy. When you want something bad enough you work hard at it. Don't quit when it gets hard keep going until it gets easier!

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